It was a very informative and realistic presentation.  Allowed me to see the choices to consider in my future health decisions.  Again, good to see some of the difficult but realistic decisions we might have to consider.  


​                                                                                       Castle 10/2015 

I would not change anything.  Got more information than expected.  I am amazed at the inter-relationship of everything to maintain good health.


​                                                                                       Castle 10/2015 

Dr. Wong is caring, funny and yet doesn't flinch at the hard parts - nothing!  This class helped me understand my lab tests.  There is more hope in my understanding.  I feel armed to face the future.  It motivated me to exercise more.  Made me more aware of food labels.  

Wow, this is so good now.  I just wish I knew about this class when we first got the diagnosis - i think It would have lowered my anxiety.

                                                                                                 Castle 3/2016

My only comment is to continue to teach the classes the way you do now - explaining everything in layman's terms that everyone can understand.  Oftentimes when your doctor explains things, it's in a foreign language (medical terminology) and he/she is pressed for time so the patient abstains from asking questions.  

                                                                                               Pali Momi 3/2016

Classes gave me info on making smart food choices, exercising more plus how and what to talk about with my physicians.
                                                                                                   Castle 11/2015

The Aloha Kidney classes are a beautiful gift to the community.  Those who attend the classes are given the information to improve their own lives, the opportunity to improve the quality of their lives.

                                                                                                   Castle 10/2015

All 6 days were very informative.  I wouldn't change anything that's been taught.  Lots of information.  I need to let it sink in, review the handouts to slowly remember some things.  Dr. Ramona Wong is doing a great job along with her team!

                                                                                           Pearlridge 10/2015

Ke Ola Hou o Lana'i

Thank you for hosting the Aloha Kidney classes for Lana'i residents. You provided for all of us so well at each session.  I learned so much about all the aspects of CKD that will surely help me to help my sister cope and deal with her CKD and live a longer more enjoyable life.  The knowledge and information learned from Dr. Wong is priceless

                                                                                          Lana'i 10/2015




​Aloha Kidney

I did not know what to expect when I enrolled for the classes.  It was just to gain some knowledge about CKD.  I was very impressed with the material and the technique in presenting the information from the very first class.  It far exceeded any expectation that I would have imagined.  The classes showed me how my eating habits and life style contributed to my disease. I also learned that my lack of understanding of my blood and urine tests contributed to my failure to choose a more appropriate diet for myself.  I now know that my desire to feed my appetite by taste, rather than by the content of foods were the wrong choices for me.  I am now aware that I am the only one that can refrain from foods that tend to hurt me and to take better care of myself by being more active and less sedentary.  I am now taking more responsibility for ensuring that my diet and exercise regimen is geared towards protecting my remaining kidney function for as long as possible rather than continue my past practices which caused my kidneys to prematurely lose so much of its life sustaining filtering functions. I also feel assured that I can still enjoy life even when the disease cramps and/or limits my choices of dining, entertainment, and activities.  Thank you so much, Dr. Wong, for such a great program. 

​                                                                                   Pearlridge 2/2015 

Going home after our first class we both agreed that everything was so new and informative and we were looking forward to the next classes.  I became more aware of what I should eat and all the bad junk food I was eating.  These classes should be exposed to more people - even those who do not have kidney disease.    

Pearlridge 2/2015 

​​No cost classes taught by a retired kidney specialist.  Scroll down to read about us.

Your understanding is our goal.

Best class I've ever taken.  Information is invalueable, handouts were excellent, slides were clear, excellent presentations.  Before class I had a negative bias about dialysis. The material and content of the class has enabled me to help support my husband in his decision related to kidney failure.    

Honolulu 9/2014 

Aloha Kidney helped me understand my situation and what my doctors and dietitian have been doing.  I should have attended these classes earlier.  I have stage IV CKD and GFR of 20.  Patients need to be aware or told to come to this class at an earlier stage.  Overall, I think this class was excellent and I would recommend to all..  

Pearlridge 9/2014 

What surprised me is that you made it so interesting and rewarding for all of us present.  

Castle 12/2014 

The classes exceeded my expectations.  The class is long but it is a balance between more time or less depth.  It reinforced the class on diabetes so now I can see the relationship between diabetes and kidneys.

Castle 12/2014 

Aloha Kidney "Village" 

Helping in wonderful ways, in alphabetic order:

​Castle Wellness Center​

East Hawai'i IPA

​Hawaii Medical Service Association

Hawaii Pacific Health

Ke Ola Hou Native Hawaiian Health Center

Na Pu'uwai Native Hawaiian Health Center

Organ Transplant Maui

Pali Momi Medical Center

​Partners for Quality Health

​Queen's Clinically Integrated Physician's Network

​​Queen's Medical Centers

​Tutu's House

UHA Health Insurance 

University of Hawaii TASI program

Wilcox Medical Center

We learned a lot about how to take care of our overall health, not just about our kidneys.  Your classes were so informative and your presentations were just great! The 2-2.5 hour sessions just flew by.

Pealridge 12/2014 

Everything about Aloha Kidney was great.  The handouts, having Dr. Wong giving the presentations, but what made it even more special was her compassion and wealth of experiences in  her field as a kidney specialist.  Plus she's local which really touched my heart and sparked my determination.  I now know the importance of making changes and how the foods we eat can make all the difference.  

 Hilo 2/2015


About Us

Aloha Kidney was founded to help people in Hawai'i with chronic kidney disease (CKD) understand some of the rules of life in body.  Now we realize it can help anyone interested in learning . . . earlier is even better!

Most people never think about their kidneys until there is a problem. Most people don't know what their kidneys do, what happens if they fail, or how they affect the health of their heart, brain, circulation and immune systems.  

So when your doctor says you are at risk for, or have chronic kidney disease (CKD), you may not know what that means or what to do to live best with CKD.  

Understanding CKD will allow you to work better with your doctor, family and friends in order to reach your goals.  

Your understanding is our goal.

We do not provide nephrology care or medical management.  


Our credentials

All Aloha Kidney classes are taught by a retired kidney specialist (nephrologist). 

CKD navigators may also include 

RNs with more than 20 years experience in caring for those with kidney disease.

Kidney Disease           Education if:

- Chronic kidney disease (CKD), or

- Excess urine protein, or

- Want to prevent CKD, or

- At risk for CKD due to obesity, diabetes, high BP, prior heart attack, stroke, PAD, prior acute kidney injury, stones, family with CKD, etc


CKD Navigation - by experienced RN or MD for:

  • Patients
  • Doctors
  • MD office staff
  • Hospital discharge planners
  • Dialysis units